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I Got a Perfect Score on the New ACT EssayACT Essay vs New SAT EssayACT Scores About Elizabeth Peterson Elizabeth holds a degree in Psychology from The College of William Mary. Its a good idea to aim for at least the 75th percentile, so in this case a good ACT writing score would be an 8 or above (16 or above on the old ACT). Does your essay build an argument (rather than present disjointed points). Really, a few key points: Research the schools you plan to apply to, and see which of them require the ACT Writing test. Unless the writing exam is required, take it only if you think it will strengthen your college application. The essay may acknowledge a counterargument to the writer's position, but its development is brief or unclear. Language use is inconsistent and distracting errors that impede meaning are present. Development of ideas is adequate, with some movement between general statements and specific reasons, examples, and details. The essay shows recognition of complexity by partially evaluating the implications and/or complications of the issue, or by responding to counterarguments to the writer's position.

Analysis is unclear, while ideas are undeveloped and unsupported. Before we get too deep into discussing what a good Writing score is on the ACT, let's first understand that the ACT Writing is scored separatelyand differentlyfrom the rest of the exam.

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If the essay takes a position, it fails to convey reasons to support that position. Focus on the general topic is maintained, but focus on the specific issue in the prompt may not be maintained. Score 2, essays within this score range demonstrate inconsistent or weak skill in responding to the task. You will receive a total of five scores for this test: a single subject-level writing score reported on a range of 2-12, and four domain scores, also 2-12, that are based on an analytic scoring rubric. The essay may include excessive repetition of the writer's ideas or of ideas in the prompt. Shoot for a minimum of 8 on the essay. Ideas and analysis are well developed and qualified. This will be enough to not raise any eyebrows amongst college admissions officers. Errors may be distracting and may occasionally impede understanding. Score 6, essays within this score range demonstrate effective skill in responding to the task. Organization is clear and related to the main idea; the essay progresses logically and uses transitions. There is little or no recognition of a counterargument to the writer's position.

Sentences are varied and word choice is varied and precise. ACT Writing scores, its important to know what score youre working with. View the Writing Test Scoring Rubric. And honestly, this is exactly why the ACT decided to go back to a separate 2-12 scale: too many students were comparing their essay scaled score from 1-36 to their multiple choice scaled scores from 1-36, when in reality the percentiles were very different. Former ACT Writing Scores (Through the June 2015 Test Event) Current ACT Writing Scores (September 2015 Test Events and after) Holistic Writing Score 212 Subject-Level Writing Score 212* Individual Domain Scores Ideas and Analysis 212 Development and Support 212 Organization 212 Language Use and Conventions.

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