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protest in Birmingham, Alabama, that caught the attention of the entire world, providing what he called a coalition of conscience. Martin Luther King,.'s Birthday" and moved the commemoration of Lee to October. "Virginia creates holiday honoring. John Donne (1572?-1631 English poet, in the final lines of Devotions (1624). House of Representatives in 1979. "The Misremembering of 'I Have a Dream. Officially called Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Tests in Atmosphere, in Outer Space, and Underwater, and signed by Russia, England, and United States on July 25, 1963. "City of Toronto Proclamation". I refer to racial injustice, poverty, and war.

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16 In the November election, the voters were offered two King Day options: Proposition 301, which replaced Columbus Day on the list of paid state holidays, and Proposition 302, which merged Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays into one paid holiday to make room for MLK Day. That period, the era of colonialism, is at an end. It has meant direct participation of masses in protest, rather than reliance on indirect methods which frequently do not involve masses in action at all. Degree in 1948 from Morehouse College, a distinguished Negro institution of Atlanta from which both his father and grandfather had graduated. Today, therefore, the question on the agenda must read: Why should there be hunger and privation in any land, in any city, at any table when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life? Even deserts can be irrigated and top soil can be replaced. Romero, Frances (January 18, 2010). So if modern man continues to flirt unhesitatingly with war, he will transform his earthly habitat into an inferno such as even the mind of Dante could not imagine. We live in a day, says the philosopher Alfred North Whitehead 2,when civilization is shifting its basic outlook: a major turning point in history where the presuppositions on which society is structured are being analyzed, sharply challenged, and profoundly changed. A b Dewar, Helen (October 4, 1983). I am happy to report that, by and large, communities all over the southern part of the United States are obeying the Civil Rights Law and showing remarkable good sense in the process.