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hope that will change the way you act. Of talking, thinking and behaving! Your Beliefs, these beliefs exist because you have learnt them, so that means you can unlearn them. And I was settled at the 4th position. Your positive attitude is vital for your motivation to change. Living a full life is easy and everyone could do it if only they stopped for a while and took a careful look at how they spend the days of their lives. Once you get a real idea of how you approach life positively or negatively then you can think about what needs to change.

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If you have a negative attitude towards yourself then your self esteem will suffer and others will have a negative attitude towards you too. That is great news! My answer was: Success is a matter of personal opinion and conception. In the 1990s Yale University Psychologist Becca Levy, PhD researched the answers of the participants and compared the answers with the average lifespan of those who completed the survey. It was inter-class(XII standard) contest and 20 students(out of about 250) participated. Your Goals, look at the beliefs connected with your goals and make sure you consider what you think you deserve, if you are capable and if your goal right for you. Question: Does positive attitude ensure success? Ones attitude towards the other determines the others attitude towards him. For example, if you believe you think negatively you need to not only change your attitude so you think more positively, you need to behave and act differently too. Atchley, 2007, Ohio Longitudinal Study on Aging and Retirement, Harvard Dataverse, V1 next article.

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