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the. It is extremely variable in its expression, ranging from slight washing out of the bar and check pattern all the way to white bars and checks. This is an ordinary "wild type" blue bar pigeon with the single recessive sex-linked gene for dilute (homozygous, or two copies of the gene, in cocks; one copy of the gene in hens). Such birds are often mistaken for homozygous grizzle or some other mutation. If you have what you think is a barless ash red, you can test to see if it is really genetically barless by mating it to a blue of any pattern.

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Ideal recessive red coloration is uniform throughout, with the flight feathers and tail the same shade as the rest of the bird. In the case of the pigeon, it represents a blue bar bird of normal size, with clean legs, no crest or frill, orange eyes, etc. The down regulating puppeteer is sumo-1 modification which has been implicated in the control of gene TBx22, responsible for oral facial cleft palate expression. Back to top of page white: White is a complicated subject for the simple reason that a white pigeon may be the result of several genetic factors. Most, if not all, recessive whites have dark or "bull" eyes. Back to top of page epistasis: Sometimes you hear a statement such as "Recessive red is epistatic to all other colors and to the pattern series." This simply means that recessive red covers or hides all other colors or patterns. Adequate levels of vitamin A seem to support development of the primary palate. Reduced : Reduced is a sex-linked recessive gene. Dominant opal in combination with ash-red is often indistinguishable from ordinary ash red.