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to human rights NGOs, etc. 1, the agencies that monitor terrorists and support networks tend to closely protect their source-based information even from their domestic and foreign counterpart agencies. Many intelligence services have argued that they are comprehensively monitoring the terrorist groups operating on their host soil. Usually, when one individual is threatened, assaulted, or killed, the rest comply. Security forces should be trained to win the hearts and minds of communities, especially where their political leaders have been eliminated or silenced by terrorists, rather than to exercise counter-productive concepts such as 'collective punishment.' Reforming the security forces engaged in counter-insurgency operations by instilling.

For instance, the Islamic Brotherhood and the Jamaat-e-Islami, the two largest Islamic conglomerations of groups, teamed up to fight the campaigns in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Tajiikistan, Algeria, Philippines, Egypt, Chechnya, Dagestan, Bosnia, Xingjiang, and Kosovo. Sociology of Law Bibliography Sociology of Law Journals Sociology of Sport. Fund collector : Do not worry every penny you provide will go to buy arms for the ltte. As transnational terrorist infrastructures are far removed from the theatre of conflict, they enable terrorist groups to accrue political, economic and military support under relatively safe conditions.

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Sustained support enables a terrorist group capable of attacking soft targets civilians and unprotected infrastructure to engage security forces. The scale of activity through front, cover and sympathetic organisations modulated the support levels. But, whenever countries have heightened the level of co-operation, the concerned terrorists have suffered. 24 Identical to states learning from other states, terrorist groups also gain operational knowledge from other groups. Society is best conceived as the product of interactions between component individuals controlled by a body of traditions and norms. The international fight against terrorism was largely developed on the criminal side.