technology 21st century essay

on PBL at Tech4Learning. Some prominent dates from this analysis include the following: We achieve one Human Brain capability (2 * 1016 cps) for 1,000 around the year 2023. Manufacturing productivity grew.4 annually from 1995 to 1999, durables manufacturing.5 per year. The human chain essay upcoming primary paradigm shift will be from biological thinking to a hybrid combining biological and nonbiological thinking. If I learn French, or read War and Peace, I cant readily download that learning to you. Reality: Research shows that effective teachers collaborate with students to understand the information landscape and think about its use. As I mentioned above, the data shows exponential growth in the rate of exponential growth.

Free shipping on qualifying offers. Today's combat submarine holds a crew of less than 200 men, equal to a company of infantry. Yet these few submariners can command a sea or destroy a civilization.

The Universe itself is said to have begun with just such a Singularity. A condemned killer allowed his brain and body to be scanned and you can access all 10 billion bytes of him on the Internet. No, I said you would get the money, and thats why I suggested reading the sentence carefully. It is the patterns of matter and energy that are semipermanent (that is, changing only gradually but our actual material content is changing constantly, and very quickly. MGB : Medial Geniculate Body. The combination of human level intelligence in a machine with a computers inherent superiority in the speed, accuracy, and sharing ability of its memory will be formidable. In the same way that people today beam their lives from web cams in their bedrooms, experience beamers circa 2030 will beam their entire flow of sensory experiences, and if so desired, their emotions and other secondary reactions. We are already creating functionally equivalent recreations of neurons and neuron clusters with sufficient accuracy that biological neurons accept their nonbiological equivalents and work with them as if they were biological. Blogs: Web logs blogs" for short) are interactive websites, often open to the public, that serve as journals and can include Web links and photographs as well as audio and video elements. On Tubules and Quantum Computing Over the past several years, Roger Penrose, a noted physicist and philosopher, has suggested that fine structures in the neurons called tubules perform an exotic form of computation called quantum computing.