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turnings, around bends, we could only stay the way. He figured hed better rescue him from an almost certain death, so he adopted him. The above preview is unformatted text. Computers, while modeled on the human brain, do not think or dream in a human fashion. Thomas writes that if we had only a single center in our brains, capable of responding only when a correct decision was to be made (i.e. Extracts from this document.?To err is human, to forgive divine? They are designed to be perfect to compute. Forgiveness is about starting over, and not about getting even, which can lead to an endless round of attack and counter-attack. When faced with a problem, our minds freedom to explore any myriad of possibilities, from the slighly wrong to the ridiculous, lifts us to new ground.

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In this essay Thomas ' intended it to make readers realize that an error is nothing to be worried about and it actually could be are greatest strength. In this short essay, physician Lewis Thomas explains how we can profit from our mistakes especially if we trust human nature. To Err is Human : Rhetorical Strategies. Thomas begins his essay with a list of experiences most of us have had at one time or another, with regard to computer errors.Err is Human In the essay, To Err is Human, Lewis Thomas, begins by contrasting the supposed infallibility of computers with the. Thomas uses the element of imagery to capture his readers interest in the essay, by comparing a humans mind to a computers workings,.

Thomas begins by contrasting the supposed infallibility of computers with the human propensity for error. However, as we know from personal experience, computers do make mistakes. However, Thomass essay does clearly demonstrate the value of errors. Some jurisdictions have preferred to err on the side of caution and take proactive steps against reintegration. It is human nature to make mistakes and although admittedly apologizing can be difficult process at times, it takes a bigger person to be able to forgive and move. What does this saying mean to you?