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essential to stay updated with the latest in the industry. The Obsolescence Model : After the initial stage was over, a new problem arose. (4 analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses: The strengths and weaknesses of a person should be matched with job requirements and environmental opportunities. While many people fly abroad in search of good job opportunities others settle for lesser paying jobs or the ones that are not at par with their qualification. Employees must be made willing to expand their abilities and managers must be willing to coach, counsel and share their knowledge with employees. Basic function is in this job to be a good leader of the corporation. As professionals first moved into industrial and government organisations, this was the sole career model they encountered.

Essay on the Career Models Used by the Organisation for Employees. I want to improve my skills by learning about my subject. (ii) Benefits to the Organisation :.

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The ultimate motif of doing this is to build a strong base and fetch good grades that would help you build a lucrative career. Essay on the Steps to be Followed for Effective Career Planning and Development: Systematic career planning offers a large numbers of benefit to the individual as well to the organisation. I will be responsible for analysing financial positions of hotel. Managing careers is broadly responsibility of employees, but in order for the employees to take the right steps in managing the career help from employers in form of various activities is needed. Identifying our skills help to find us our ideal job. These changes put more responsibilities on employees and demand from them to be highly skilled, and marketable. When individuals apply on their own for the vacancies, it will produce a climate in the organisation which will produce individual and organisational optimisation. More and more firms began to set up special new pay and promotion schemes such as the dual ladder for their professional employees in order to recognise the critical contributions they could make as individuals. Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1.

Advertisements: The major focus of career planning should be on assisting the employees in achieving a better match between personal goals and the opportunities that are realistically available in the organisation. I am going to be the first person who is making decisions in long-term distance.