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extra advantage increases the benefit of the social network. Design and visual arts are part of the most favorable media shared on social networks. Although social media websites may be seen as distractive from the main creative process, there are advantages of using the social media to serve creative people as following: Source of Inspiration, many social networks started to support different types of media including images, animated GIFs. Many companies block social media websites from their network in order to drive employees to focus on their daily tasks. We dont want to be the last to know about some important, or even trivial, event of interest, says. Time spent on social media (Source: Creditloan ) The Cons of Using Social Media Although there are benefits as noted above, there is an agreement among experts that there are disadvantages of using social networks especially when many people become addicted to it while not.

Even with the heavy security settings your personal information may spill out on the social sites. Many students prefer to follow these bodies on social network websites because it is easier to reach and allow them to follow all the resources and projects directly from their Facebook, Twitter,. 1343 Words 6 Pages, the definition of iconic is very famous, well known icon or a widely known symbol. Although the debate about how social media may affect the quality of life, users of different social media have increased over time. Quantum launched its first instant messenger service in 1989. In these groups, students and designers use groups as method to learn, discuss assignments, and share projects together. Promotional Tools, social network websites have extended its role from sharing content to adding marketing and advertising methods.

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