gw2 thesis on learned strength

crafted by the crafting discipline. Potions are crafted by the artificer discipline.

gw2 thesis on learned strength

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Show base ingredients, used in edit, retrieved from " ". For a complete list, see Slayer potions Writs and Theses edit Writs and Theses can be crafted by the guild crafting discipline Scribe. Contents Overview edit The following table gives an overview of the most common utility items usable by level 80 characters. Basic utility items edit Power edit Concentration edit Condition Damage edit Special utility items edit Special utitilty items have been introduced during several Game updates providing either enhanced effects compared to Basic utility items or completely different stats bonuses. Utility items that convert Power, Precision, Toughness and/or Vitality will always give a minimum critical lens essay on crucible of 30 points to the attribute they are being converted. Maintenance oils, crafted by the crafting discipline. Huntsman, converts stats into, concentration or, healing power. Power edit Power and Expertise edit Power and Ferocity edit Power and Concentration edit Concentration edit Concentration and Expertise edit Concentration and Healing Power edit Healing Power and Concentration edit Outgoing Healing edit Condition Damage edit Condition Damage and Expertise edit Condition Damage and Concentration. Weaponsmith, converts stats into, power or, ferocity.

Gw2 thesis on learned strength
gw2 thesis on learned strength

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